Great Films You (Probably) Don't Know

Alternate Sundays at the Park Tavern
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A handpicked selection of underappreciated films...
...But we don't tell you what you're coming to see!

Free entry! (First come, first serve)

Box office opens at 7pm, film starts at 8pm


Ever take a chance on a film you’re not familiar with, only to discover you love it? One you told friends, family and colleagues seek out? That, my friends, is cinevangelism.

It’s natural to love the familiar. So we’re not going to tell you what you’re coming to watch. We’ll give you a synopsis and a genre, maybe more, but we’re basically asking you to go in blind and trust us.

What films are in the lineup?

Independent flicks which couldn’t afford wide release. Mainstream movies buried by bigger releases. Movies the studios didn’t know how to market.
Some are exceptional. Some are imperfect yet ambitious. Others are just great examples of their respective genres. The thing they all have in common is that they deserve a wider audience.

Every other Sunday, come along, take a chance and be pleasantly surprised. And if you like our choices, spread the word – Cinevangelise to others!

Tickets are available free from the bar from 7pm – First come, first serve. Films begin at 8pm.

Please note: In order to preserve surprises, some synopses or given genres may deliberately mask the full scope of the film. If in doubt, don't take the risk...!


  8 JANUARY 2023 - The Fallout

An average American high-schooler begins to re-evaluate her relationships, boundaries and priorities in life after an unspeakable turn of events creates an unexpected connection with a more popular girl

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Juno

  22 JANUARY 2023 - The Vast of Night

In the fifties, a charismatic small-town DJ joins forces with a young switchboard operator when a mysterious audio signal is accompanied by calls about strange local phenomena

Sci-fi mystery  |  You may like it if you liked... The X-Files

  5 FEBRUARY 2023 - Newness

Two young singles reliant on hookup apps spark an unexpected connection, but must deal with whether a relationship is possible for people accustomed only to constant novelty in this explicit look at modern relationships

Romantic drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Shame

  19 FEBRUARY 2023 - Shiva Baby

A part-time prostitute accompanies her parents to a funeral, where an endless array of complications force her to re-evaluate some life choices in this acerbic cringe comedy

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Death at a Funeral

  5 MARCH 2023 - Beast

A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider who may be hiding a dark secret

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... In The Cut

  19 MARCH 2023 - 7 Days

A pair of young Indian-Americans on a date arranged by their traditional Indian parents find their post-date plans completely derailed by the untimely arrival of an international pandemic

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Knocked Up

  2 APRIL 2023 - The Kid Detective

Still mourning the childhood when he was feted as a celebrity for solving crimes in his small town, a private detective sees a chance for redemption with a surprisingly serious new case

Comedy mystery  |  You may like it if you liked... The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

  16 APRIL 2023 - Driveways

While a single mother clears out the home of the departed sister she realises she barely knew, her introverted 8-year old son gets to know the Korean War veteran who lives next door

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Station Agent

  30 APRIL 2023 - Stowaway

A two year mission to Mars suffers inexplicable yet minor issues during launch, but once en route, the astronauts discover the cause and realise there are far more dire consequences than they realised

Sci-fi thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... The Martian


  14 MAY APRIL 2023 - Big Time Adolesence

A teenager hero-worships his older sister's ex-boyfriend, remaining friends with him despite their age difference and the fact that this epitome of cool is a dead-end stoner with no prospects

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Almost Famous

  28 MAY 2023

A young British soldier in the 70s, disaapointed to find his first posting is to Belfast rather than abroad, finds himself in the fight of his life when a straightforward mission goes awry

Drama thriller  |  You may like it if you like... Behind Enemy Lines

  11 JUNE 2023

Two close childhood friends cross paths fifteen years after they nearly took their relationship to the next level, with the pair having diverged wildly in terms of their levels of success

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Long Shot

  25 JUNE 2023

A teenage girl fights to carve out a life for herself while also having to serve as a de facto parent to her veteran father, who self-medicates to deal with his PTSD

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

  9 JULY 2023

A PhD student tags along with the crew of a fishing trawler in order to conduct research on deep sea fauna, but their skippers desperation for a good catch leads them into dangerous waters

Horror thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... The Thing

  23 JULY 2023

With all of their friends seemingly getting married, two old friends strike up a bargain to accompany the other to all of the upcoming nuptials in order to help them survive the endless wedding season

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Friends With Benefits

  6 AUGUST 2023

A preschool teacher who once harboured dreams of becoming a writer is shocked to hear one of her five-year old charges reciting an original poem better than her own efforts

Drama  |  You may like it if you like... One Hour Photo

  20 AUGUST 2023

Having long since fled his childhood home town following an ugly incident in his youth, a police detective is forced to return when another friend who was involved seemingly kills his entire family and himself

Crime thrilller  |  You may like it if you liked... Gone Girl