Great Films You (Probably) Don't Know

Alternate Sundays at the Park Tavern
Park Lane, Macclesfield


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A handpicked selection of underappreciated films...
...But we don't tell you what you're coming to see!

Free entry! (First come, first serve)

Box office opens at 7pm, film starts at 8pm


Ever take a chance on a film you’re not familiar with, only to discover you love it? One you told friends, family and colleagues seek out? That, my friends, is cinevangelism.

It’s natural to love the familiar. So we’re not going to tell you what you’re coming to watch. We’ll give you a synopsis and a genre, maybe more, but we’re basically asking you to go in blind and trust us.

What films are in the lineup?

Independent flicks which couldn’t afford wide release. Mainstream movies buried by bigger releases. Movies the studios didn’t know how to market.
Some are exceptional. Some are imperfect yet ambitious. Others are just great examples of their respective genres. The thing they all have in common is that they deserve a wider audience.

Every other Sunday, come along, take a chance and be pleasantly surprised. And if you like our choices, spread the word – Cinevangelise to others!

Tickets are available free from the bar from 7pm – First come, first serve. Films begin at 8pm.

Please note: In order to preserve surprises, some synopses or given genres may deliberately mask the full scope of the film. If in doubt, don't take the risk...!


  8 JANUARY - The Lobster

A recently dumped middle-aged man is sent to a hotel and given 45 days to find a partner or face the consequences, in this surreal yet biting Kafka-esque satire

Romantic drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Double

  22 JANUARY - Joe

An intense rural American drama looks at an ex-con whose control over his violent side is threatened when he inadvertently becomes a role model for a young drifter

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Sling Blade

  5 FEBRUARY - Your Sister's Sister

A man suffering mild depression is sent to an island retreat by his best friend, but discovers her sister recovering from a breakup there in this heartfelt comedy

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Crazy Stupid Love

  19 FEBRUARY - Grandma

Determined to help her young granddaughter get an abortion, an ageing poet finds herself confronting old mistakes on a daylong quest for cash

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Grumpy Old Men

  5 MARCH - The Diary of a Teenage Girl

The 15-year-old daughter of an irresponsible single mother experiences a sexual awakening in 70's San Francisco in this explicit yet thoughtful coming-of-age tale

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Ghost World

  19 MARCH - The Secret of Kells

A young boy in a medieval Irish monastery finds his fascination with illuminated manuscripts may signal his destiny in this magical, visually inventive animation

Animated drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Brave

  2 APRIL - The Believer

Based on a real individual, this brutally violent tale follows a virulent anti-semite whose hatred stems from a unique and unusual place

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... American History X

  16 APRIL - Sleeping with Other People

Years after losing their virginity to one another, two New Yorkers have a chance encounter at a sex addicts workshop & decide to attempt a platonic friendship

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... When Harry Met Sally

  30 APRIL - Hell or High Water

In recession-hit rural Texas, two very different brothers on a bank-robbing spree baffle the local Rangers by only stealing small amounts from their targets

Crime thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... No Country For Old Men


  14 MAY - Premium Rush

A skilled and daring New York bike messenger discovers that his last delivery of the day is somewhat more than he bargained for in this high-octane thrill ride

Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Fast and the Furious

  28 MAY - Europa Report

The crew of an ambitious deep-space mission are forced to press on with their scientific research after losing one of their own in this tense yet refreshingly grounded thriller

Science fiction  |  You may like it if you liked... Sunshine

  11 JUNE - Don't Think Twice

Tensions are laid bare within a close-knit improv group when their show is visited by scouts for a renowned national TV sketch comedy show looking for new cast

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Empire Records

  25 JUNE - All is Lost

On a solo yachting trip across the Indian Ocean, a sailor awakes to find disaster has struck and he is left to fight for survival entirely on his own

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Everest

  9 JULY - The Kings of Summer

Three teenagers rebel against their parents one summer by escaping to the nearby forest and choosing to pursue an independent life of self-sufficiency in this offbeat dramedy

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Goonies

  23 JULY - Love & Mercy

The true story of an acclaimed yet deeply troubled musician, told from two separate points in his life, examines the tortured genius behind the pop hits

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... A Beautiful Mind

  6 AUGUST - Tape

A drug-dealing deadbeat reunites with his more successful high school friend in a motel, but a decade-old incident comes bubbling back up in this intense chamber drama from the earliest days of filming digitally

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Phone Booth

  20 AUGUST - Louder Than Bombs

Three years after her death, a retrospective into the life of a famed photographer forces her widower and two sons to revist their memories of her in this incredibly unique film

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close



A young boy living with his younger brother & cousins dreams of the absent father he idolises, but things don't go so smoothly when he finally returns

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Son of Rambow

  17 SEPTEMBER - Appaloosa

A pair of freelance lawmen are hired to bring an arrogant local rancher to justice, but a lady newly-arrived in town threatens to complicate matters in this pensive modern Western

Western  |  You may like it if you liked... Jane Got a Gun

  1 OCTOBER - The Immigrant

In the 1920s, two Polish sisters journey to America in search of a better life, but complications on their arrival lead to a much darker path in this harrowing drama

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Les Miserables


Stuck in a predominantly white city in Germany, a black American teenager struggles to establish himself while awkwardly navigating his first ever crush

Dramedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Paper Towns


The teen daughter of a former scream-queen actress is forced into a memorial screening of her most famous film in this delightfully silly riff on 80's slasher flicks

Horror comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Galaxy Quest


A struggling poker player drowning in debt finds a chance encounter with a young man seems to change his luck for the better, leading to a high-stakes road trip

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Colour of Money


Upon moving to California, a well-to-do couple run into one of the husband's old schoolmates, only to find his friendly overtures quickly becoming unnerving

Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Fatal Attraction


Embarking on his annual journey from Scotland to a refuge in London for Christmas, a homeless man attempts to reconnect with his past while he still has time

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Into The Wild